How big are Wicked Awesome Brownies?

WABs are 3" squares and weigh 3.8 oz. WAB MINIS are 1.5" squares and weigh 1.5 oz each.

How long do Wicked Awesome Brownies stay fresh?

WABs will stay fresh at room temperature for one week after arrival. We recommend refrigerating your WABs, at least the ones that aren't eaten or shared right away, where they will last three weeks. Frozen, WABs will last three months. We include a note in our gift boxes that shares this information.

How does free shipping work?

WABs will arrive to your recipient in 1-5 business days depending on how close shipping destination is from Marblehead, MA. Your email will receive tracking information once the product has shipped.

Can I ship to multiple addresses?

Best thing to do is call us at 781-704-9684 or send an email to info@wickedawesomebrownie.com  We will provide an Excel spread sheet to enter your addresses in.

What about allergens?

WABs are nut free and are baked in a nut free facility. WAB Original and Gluten Free are dairy free. You can link to the ingredients in the footer menu.

Are Wicked Awesome Brownies Kosher?

WABs are not Kosher certified. WABs are pareve because there is not dairy (butter or milk chocolate) in them.